Yachtsmen's Certification


Yachtsmen's Certification

SING-LLOYD starts to perform evaluation and certification of yachtsmen.

At present stage SING-LLOYD does not provide the yachtsmen training but every yachtsman can be assessed and, based on positive assessment results, a Certificate of Competency will be issued to him, stating that the yachtsman is found to be duly qualified and competent to perform the relevant capacities on board sailing or motor private pleasure yachts up to 24 meters long, used exclusively for non-commercial purposes and engaged in international trading, subject to any limitations reasonable applied.
The SING-LLOYD designated officers will evaluate the competency of the applicant at their discretion, based on different forms of evidences of qualification and experience, including perusal of applicant’s supporting documents, online exams and interviewing etc.
For more information, please refer to the separate section “Yachtsmen Certification” at this website.

17.12.2023 18:01:47

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