SING-LLOYD was established in 2005 as an independent third party surveying company. Through the impressive credentials achieved in serving the maritime and oil & gas industries, Sing-Lloyd was soon accepted as a Recognised Organisation and Recognised Security Organisation and fully complies with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Resolutions A789(19) and A739(18). Sing-Lloyd is headquartered in Singapore and is now awaiting more authorization from the various governments who are signatories to the IMO Conventions in order to act on their behalf for the statutory surveys and issuance of statutory certificates. Sing-Lloyd’s strength also lies in the oil and gas industries which also includes the ability to handle terminalling projects. Sing-Lloyd is able to assist companies in tackling demanding operational challenges to advancing global business challenges. We pride ourselves that we are able to attract the cream of oil and gas engineers, naval architects, master mariners, marine engineers, security experts and terminal managers from the industries to our team in order to serve you.


SING-LLOYD is dedicated to ensuring the safety of life at sea, protection of property, security of our shipping industries, prevention of pollution and the restoration of the environment. Sing-Lloyd is committed to work with all stakeholders in a comprehensive sustainability approach to reduce the negative impact of environment for the future generations.


The strength of Sing-Lloyd lies in the composition and quality of the team members. They come with a wealth of experience in the field of navigation, engineering, terminalling, security, oil and gas, quality systems, environment protection systems, classification and statutory surveying, warranty surveying, designs and also reliability surveys. Highly qualified personnel and a global network of offices enable Sing-Lloyd to provide prompt and reliable services worldwide:

All the Sing-Lloyd activities ensure high standard of achievement and is widely accepted in the world maritime community.

Certificate Verification

A certificate issued by Sing-Lloyd can be verified within 48 hours from the date of issuance.

Latest News

Extension of approval SING-LLOYD as a Recognized Organization by the Mongolia Maritime Administration for the next five years

We are hereby pleased to inform all interested parties that SING-LLOYD has concluded an extension agreement to perform survey and certification services to vessels registered in the Mongolia Ship Registry...

Yachtsmen's Certification

SING-LLOYD starts to perform evaluation and certification of yachtsmen.
At present stage SING-LLOYD does not provide the yachtsmen training but every yachtsman can be assessed and, based on positive assessment results...

The 50th anniversary of the MARPOL

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), the primary global treaty for the prevention of pollution of the marine environment by ships from intentional...