Expertise & Services

Sing-Lloyd is able to provide a full suite of services that will be able to help the ship owners , ship managers and other industries players in achieving their goals. Our expertise and services are divided to the various categories, namely

Classification & Statutory Services

The classification and certification of ships has been the "core business" of Sing-Lloyd since the inception of the class.

Since then, Sing-Lloyd has constantly developed technical partnerships in the shipping sector.

These include technological support during the design stage, construction surveillance, project management and technical assistance during building and the maintenance of the ships. The primary objective is to help ship owners and ship managers achieve elevated standards of quality and safety for their prized assets.

Nearly all flag states delegate statutory surveys to selected recognised classification societies. With this authorisation given by flag state administrations, these classification societies act on behalf of the flag state in the survey and issuance of statutory certificates. Sing-Lloyd is also one of the classification societies tasked to perform this certification duty.

Using our wide network of representative offices round the world, Sing-Lloyd is able to establish regular contact with flag state administrations and extends our services to them. We offer technical expertise on classification and statutory areas to flag state administrations to convince the flag state administrations to delegate statutory services to Sing-Lloyd.

Ship and Port Security Services

Sing-Lloyd provides customized Risk and Security; Consultancy, Products and Services across various Land & Maritime industries (including Oil and Gas).

Our team of specialists can assess risks on Facilities / Installations / Vessels from your projects conception through each stage until completion. We can also assist to implement our findings and/or security at existing locations / assets or on new projects. Our network of Professional Consultants, a collective of specialist Military and Government personnel (Land and Maritime), are ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Since the ISPS Code became mandatory in 2004, our Consultants have been at the forefront of the implementation process formulating Port and Ship Security Assessments, developing and implementing Security Plans and delivering accredited training courses with classification societies and clients.

Sing-Lloyd through our alliances also provides technical assistance and expertise for the development and implementation of ISO 28000. We can offer a range of products from Anti-piracy equipment to Safety & Security Management Systems. Our Services include Crisis Management, Incident Management, Security Audits, Close Protection (Maritime or Land) including Maritime Escort and Vessel Security Background check (VSBC) to name a few.

The requirement for Risk and Security became more evident due to a marked increase in piracy especially in the waters off Somalia and the continued threat of terrorism. Shipping companies need to safeguard their assets. Risk Assessments made in advance of a project and, if required, security measures or personnel put in place during the project can produce considerable financial savings in the long term.

Sing-Lloyd’s alliance’s extensive experience in Risk and Security Management allows for its ease in identifying individual clients’ requirements and producing a suitable solution ensuring absolute customer satisfaction and, above all, peace of mind.

Yachtsman's certifications

SING-LLOYD is happy to announce that it starts to perform evaluation of qualification and competency of yachtsman.

At the present stage, SING-LLOYD does not provide training in yachting classes and onboard yachts for sailing practice. However, the yachtsman can be assessed, and based on positive assessment results, a Certificate of Competency will be issued, stating that the yachtsman is found to be duly qualified and competent to perform the relevant capacities on board sailing or motor private pleasure yachts up to 24 meters long, used exclusively for non-commercial purposes and engaged in international trading, subject to any limitations reasonably applied.

The following persons can apply to SING-LLOYD for certification:

  • Persons who have passed classes and/or training onboard sailing and motor yacht provided by the yachting schools approved by SING-LLOYD. The school approval may be done on a permanent or case-by-case basis;
  • Persons who have yachtsman’s certificates of competency (valid or expired certificates) issued by other competent organizations and/or flag authorities;
  • Persons who have valid yachtsman’s certificates of competency issued by any organization and who wish to upgrade their Certificates of Competency by submitting evidence of advanced training, additional seatime, extension of the sailing area, acquisition of additional skills;
  • Persons who have or previously had the professional STCW Certificate of Competency of master or navigational officer issued by any flag state, the member of STCW;
  • Persons who can produce objective evidence of their yacht sailing practice and getting basic skills (like a logbook, master’s reference letter, crew lists, and other supporting documents).

The SING-LLOYD designated officers will evaluate the competency of the applicant at their discretion, based on different forms of evidence of qualification and experience, including perusal of the applicant’s supporting documents, online exams, and interviewing, etc.

The yachtsman’s certificates can be issued in paper form or only in electronic form. The electronic certificate is an electronic copy of the certificate in PDF format and has the same validity as the paper original.

Qualification Capacity Limitations (if any)
Yachtmaster Ocean No limitations
Yachtmaster Offshore Up to 150 n.m. offshore international waters, unlimited weather conditions
Yachtmaster Coastal Up to 60 n.m. offshore international waters, wind up to 8 Beaufort, wave height up to 4 m
Yacht Day Skipper Up to 20 n.m. offshore international waters, mainly in daylight hours, fair weather conditions
Yacht Watchkeeper Up to 60 n.m. offshore international waters, fair weather conditions, watchkeeping under supervision of yacht master/skipper
Yacht Deck Rating Deck handling under supervision of yacht master/skipper/watchkeeper
VHF Radio Operator VHF with DSC

Consultancy Services

Sing-Lloyd is able to offer a wide variety of consultancy services due to our network of experts and specialists. The services are:

  • Safety and Security for all marine, offshore, FPSO, FSO and oil terminals
  • Health, Safety and Environment Consultancy
  • Quality and Statutory Audits
  • ILO MLC 2006 consultancy and audits
  • Ballast Water Conventions
  • Design and production of drawings for new buildings, conversions and installations.
  • Pre-Vetting Inspection
  • On/Off Hire Surveys
  • Warranty Surveys
  • TMSA Consultancy
  • Risk Management and Assessment
  • Incident Investigation